Thursday, September 24, 2009


As writing (the journalistic sort) has now become my bread and butter I think I've realized something anew. I think I have this revelation every six months or so. I'm a fiction writer first and then a journalist after. My very insides delight in the web of plots, the timbre of character's voices and the depth the color of words can take you to.

Today three good friends have asked me what's happening with the book? Is there no relief from that question? Apparently until you've done all you set out to do, no.

So now to stop writing about writing and just doing it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting the sack, a flea infested apartment and moving North.

I realize it's been a horribly long time since I've written, please do forgive.

After happily jaunting around Thailand (Chiang Mai heavenly, Bangkok swampy in the monsoon season and Phuket the faithfully expected Island bliss) I came home to the most tumultuous week ever. It was so knotty and fast paced, I couldn't have written or made it up if I'd wished.

The long and short is I am no longer working for Experience Worship, partly in thanks to my troublesome visa situation (if thinking of relocating to the US be prepared to have your brains, nerves and optimism frazzled by the administrative process for everything), I was kindly given the flick. In the meantime the apartment I was flat-sitting decided to explode with more fleas than there are dust mites in the London Underground and I was so badly bitten I still bear the scars all over my feet (really should get on to using some Vitamin E oil, I'm a bridesmaid in two weeks and pox-ridden feet will not do).

And so what is a girl to do when her small world is falling apart? Sit calmly and think. And in that thinking time my absolutely sweet, kind, handsome and simply wonderful boyfriend suggests we bring next years plans forward about 8 months. And so I will be moving to Indianapolis tomorrow (he's coming today to help me with the loaded drive tomorrow-a total gem), where I will be living in a wonderful community house with a friend called Julie (backpacked with her in Thailand with my beau and other friends).

This week has been such a cocktail of emotions and practicalities. I detest packing with such venom that I had to get started on it as soon as the sun rose on Monday morning. And now I am as good as done. I just need to drop some things off to the hungry and zip up my suitcase later on. Ah, that and trying to buy a car-roof rack for my luggage. Hmm I'll see how my visit to Auto zone goes and let you know.

I haven't said many byes either. I haven't thrown a party or wanted one thrown for me. I haven't called people up and told them individually what my plans are. Not completely sure why. I'm not being secretive (blogspot proves so), I just don't think I can be asked for all the fanfare. And plus I'll be back in two weeks to be a bridesmaid. Perhaps as we drink blood orange sodas at the reception and dance under the fairy lights that hang up on the church beams I'll understand then that another chapter has closed and my time in Nashville has too.