Friday, February 4, 2011

Old hearts

Today was about writing, editing, researching, cleaning, meeting and greeting old friends and new.

Today I learned that an engaged couple I knew broke it off.

People break up all the time. Feet start to chill; hearts start to clog and thump slowly, words that can't be retracted are spoken and suddenly they're at the edge of a pier looking over.

Perhaps it's because only days before it ended there were small, public notes of love and a promise of a summer's eve wedding at the start of the year.

Or maybe it's because the two people involved are such wondrous souls, full of wisdom, love and courage.

Whatever it is - we're baffled. I'm baffled. My heart is sore to hear think of the bleeding pain in both of them.

I'm trying not to be Agatha Christie's Poirot here to retrace the last few steps. I'm trying to respect its mystery.

May time be kind to them.